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Meet the Producer: Audrey Darrow, Owner of Earth Source Organics

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Audrey Darrow believes food heals. Which is why in 2008 she started Earth Source Organics, maker of Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars, Raw Chocolate Dipped Macaroons and Rawcholatl (an ancient Aztec cacao spice drink). These chocolates share a few key characteristics that define Earth Source Organics: they’re pure, raw—meaning all the natural nutrients are fully intact—and sweetened with only low-glycemic ingredients, like coconut sugar, agave and coconut nectar.

Darrow turned to healing foods while battling cancer for eight years. She searched for a natural, pure, nutrient-rich food that could at once help prevent and heal diseases and be delicious, from which Righteously Raw was borne. The loss of her 20-year-old daughter, Jaymie Rose, in a drowning accident in 2008, led to the recent creation of the Rose Bar, the proceeds of which go to organizations with like-minded causes. “This bar is what keeps me going every day and brings amazing people to me because they love this bar,” says Darrow.

All Righteously Raw products are, in Darrow’s words, “high-frequency foods,” meaning they are naturally sourced and unblemished by processing or chemicals. All ingredients are obtained from only the highest integrity suppliers who have visited the sources of each ingredient and therefore know how they are grown, harvested and shipped. Earth Source Organics uses a certified-organic and certified-vegan and -kosher facility where products are manufactured and packaged. –Denise Shoukas

Darrow shares more with foodspring.com:

What is your favorite flavor in your line and why?

My favorite flavor is the Rose Bar because it is not only delicious and packed with powerful nutrients, but is inspired by my daughter, Jaymie Rose Darrow, who passed away July 2008 at the age of almost 20. She had been inspiring me to do something to bring people together in spirit. I get so many emails and calls from customers who are deeply moved and inspired when they read about my angel on the wrapper, and that is what I intended when I created the bar.

Who is your culinary idol and why?

My favorite chef is Robert Ruiz. I love watching him do his thing because he has such a love and a passion for creating beautiful and delicious food. I met Robert while eating at my favorite sushi place in San Diego, called Harney Sushi, and I watched this man move like someone who was born to create awesome food. His hands move with such grace and when I asked him what the next award was that he wanted to win, he said, “I don’t want my customers to know me from media, I want them to come back to me because they love my food, and that is all.”

What’s your guilty food pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is truly my chocolate bars every day, and now I am hooked on our Chocolate Dipped Macaroons. I am a coconut fanatic and I cannot stop eating them. They are so delicious and healthy, made with white chia seeds.

Best meal ever?

Au Lac in Santa Ana floats my boat every time I stop in. The creative genius behind every delicious raw creation they offer is a one-of-a-kind chef.

If you weren’t making raw organic chocolate, what would you be doing instead?

I made myself a promise that I would get back to doing comedy but now I am almost 55, and I just have to make my friends and family laugh. I would also be running a non-profit that gives away lots of money to those in need. I never intended to be a chocolate company but rather an organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, kosher-food manufacturing facility and co-manufacturer that helps other small businesses get off the ground. It is my way of paying it forward since I already made all the mistakes, so I can help others stay on the best path. I am doing this now and it was my vision from the beginning; the chocolate was the icing on the cake.

Aside from your products, what three items can you always find in your kitchen?

Pumpkin anything, avocados and everything that goes into a great salad.


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