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Going Nuts for Almonds

Eight products that highlight this new "it" nut.
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Almond fever has arrived. No longer relegated to the trail mix bin, this nutritious nut is now appearing alongside such elegant fare as figs and truffle salt. In fact, food products containing almonds have hit an all-time high in North America, increasing 30 percent last year, according to market-research firm Mintel International. A consumer survey by the Almond Board found that 70 percent of Americans indicated a preference for chocolate that contains almonds compared to chocolate without almonds. Well, there you have it.

Whether for the health benefits of almonds or just because they taste so good, almonds are in. Here is just a handful of the creative ways products are making the most of the mighty almond, some of which you can eat straight from the package or use to create your own almond-accented dishes and drinks.

Almond Toffee

Amy E Bakery Almond Toffee

This certified-organic toffee is loaded with chopped and toasted organic almonds, covered with a thick layer of rich, buttery toffee and finished with a thin layer of dark chocolate and more nuts.

MSRP: $7.50/8-ounce package

Website: amyesbakery.com

Almond Fig Spread

The Gracious Gourmet Fig Almond Spread

A combination of dried figs, fresh fig puree and sliced almonds with hints of orange, this spread gets an added punch with lemon and lime and is delicious on foods both savory (like chicken or pancakes) or sweet (such as muffins or ice cream).

MSRP: $9

Website: thegraciousgourmet.com

Matiz Torta de Aceite Almond

Matiz Torta de Aceite Almond

A traditional Andalusian snack, these light and crisp tortas are handmade with flour, sesame seeds, salt and yeast with almond and sugar on top. They are perfect with a morning or afternoon cup of coffee or tea.

MSRP: $12.48/6 tortas

Website: italia-gourmet.com

Monin Premium Gourmet Almond Syrup

Monin Premium Gourmet Almond Syrup

Shake up a signature almond cocktail, soda or smoothie with this all-natural syrup that exudes a true almond flavor and makes a delicate and slightly sweet drink.

MSRP: $12.98/25.4 fluid ounces

Website: zabars.com

180 Snacks Almond Rice Pops with Blueberries

180 Snacks Almond Rice Pops with Blueberries

Wholesome rice crisps, crunchy roasted almonds and sweet dried blueberries are turned into addictive clusters bursting with flavor.

MSRP: $9.99/14-ounce bag

Website: 180snacks.com

Toasted Almonds with Truffle & Salt by Miller  Farms

Ritrovo Selections 

Two companies dedicated to the highest-quality ingredients have come together to create a taste sensation with Miller Farms’ snacking almonds cooked in olive oil and seasoned with award-winning Ritrovo's Truffle & Salt.

MSRP: $10.49/8 ounces

Website: ritrovo.com

Romanico Largueta Almonds

Romanico Largueta Almonds

Similar to the Marcona almond but longer and flatter, these nuts have a bit more surface to absorb the flavors when toasted and sauteed as part of their preparation.

MSRP: $6.50/4.6 ounces

Website: cybercucina.com

Shale SNacks barbecued almonds

Sahale Snacks Barbeque Almonds with Mild Chipotle + Ranch

Seasoned with Sahale’s proprietary “Dry Rub” spice blend and accented with tangy buttermilk ranch, this extraordinary almond combination is slow-roasted to produce a smoky, spicy-sweet snack.

MSRP: $27.56/6-pack (4 ounces each)

Website: amazon.com


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