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Appetizer, Antipasto, Salsa or Dip 2009

Argo Fine Foods, Inc.
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Outstanding Appetizer, Antipasto, Salsa or Dip 2009: Argo Fine Foods, Inc., Tzatziki

Argo Fine Foods’ tzatziki is made “the way everyone’s grandmother in Greece makes it. That’s why it’s so good,” says Co-owner Christel De Blasio-Pavlidis. With her husband and partner Pavlos Pavlidis, they decided to market their tzatziki “because we couldn’t find one that equaled those we ate while living in Greece,” she notes.

Argo uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients. “We use seedless English cucumbers, and we wash the dill by hand so we can remove pieces that aren’t up to our standards,” De Blasio-Pavlidis says.

Pavlos, who was born and raised in Greece, and Christel, who worked there for 12 years as an executive assistant for the United States Council General, made the decision to come back to America so Christel could be treated for breast cancer (she’s healthy and in remission now). What came of this challenge is a gift to tzatziki lovers. She remembers, “When we came home, everyone wanted me to make my tzatziki for them. Eventually Pavlos suggested we package it.”

The owners combine their traditional tastes with modern sensibilities by choosing packaging made out of 100 percent U.S.-grown corn, which is non-toxic and will biodegrade in commercial composting conditions in 45 days.

The tzatziki can be used for gyros, salads, chips, burgers and grilled chicken. Suggested retail price: $3.79 - $4.99/8-ounce. argofinefoods.com. –D. Shoukas


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