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Give the Gift of Bacon

Flavored lip balms, popcorn and more make fun stocking stuffers.
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Bacon Popcorn from J & D FoodsThe bacon craze is raring right up into the holidays, and the latest entrant? Bacon Flavored Lip Balm, a way to make your lips taste cured and smoked like the real thing. A great stocking stuffer, this balm will keep your lips from chapping while constantly reminding you why bacon is the king of meats.

This creation is the latest in a line developed by Dave Lefkow and Justin Esch, two friends on a mission to make everything taste like bacon. They began fulfilling their creed with the creation of Bacon Salt in flavors such as Original, Hickory and Peppered, followed by several limited-edition flavors including Applewood, Jalapeño, Mesquite, Cheddar and Maple Redux. They continued spreading the word of bacon with the creation of Baconnaise, a spread that promises to take your sandwiches, salads, dips, fish and fries to new, more bacony heights. Next came BaconPop, inspired by one of the guys’ great-grandmother, who made stovetop popcorn with old bacon grease that she kept in a coffee can in the kitchen. The guys found a way to combine the great tastes of butter and bacon with a premium microwave popcorn that’s gluten-free and vegan. And for those wanting the taste of bacon to brighten a mundane task, J&D’s has created Mmmvelopes, bacon-flavored envelopes that, when licked, taste like—you guessed it—bacon. To learn more about Justin and Dave’s bacon ways and order some goodies, visit jdfoods.net. –Nicole Potenza Denis


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