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Bellwether Farms Basket Ricotta

If you think of ricotta as something only paired with savory pasta dishes, you’re missing out on its more sweet and sophisticated applications. Basket Ricotta from Bellwether Farms in Sonoma, Calif., is an Italian-style cheese made from the whey of aged cheeses. The curds are hand-ladled into every cheese “basket” to drain naturally, producing a ricotta that is never mushy or grainy. For a sweet treat, drizzle ricotta with honey and almonds, spread with jam on warm bread, use it in your favorite cheesecake recipe or add lightness to pancakes. The milk for Bellwether Farms cheeses come from Jersey cows, fed on a mix of grasses, alfalfa and grains and never treated with hormones. Higher ...

About the Producer

Bellwether Farms, LLC

Petaluma, CA

Website: http://www.bellwetherfarms.com/

Producing award-winning sheep and cow's milk cheeses including creme fraiche, fromage blanc, crescenza, carmody and ricotta. Some cheese are raw milk and all are rBst-free. Also have an incredible line of sheep milk yogurt.

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