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Bien Fait Sampler

This sampler gift package is a wonderful family, office or party gift. It makes a wonderful present for your own family as well. You get one pound of Caspian Crunch Granola, six Double Dessert Squares (one of each of our specialty flavors) and your choice two teacakes and two specialty cakes, according to you flavor preferences. Ring in the holiday season with a combination of flavors that will bring cheer to your taste buds. Or grace a dinner party with a food basket centerpiece sure to impress and delight. You really can't go wrong with this gift option.

About the Producer

Bien Fait Specialty Cakes, GSF L3C

Greensboro, VT

Website: http://www.bienfaitcakes.com

Bien Fait has been in the business of making fine baked goods since 1995. We provide all-natural, no preservative fruitcakes, specialty cakes and cookie squares, which make perfect gifts for your friends, boss, colleagues and of course your family. Bien Fait is a L3C, which requires us to give away 100 percent of our profit to an educational or charitable company. Our goal to be socially responsible has led us to give to children and the elderly in our community. You can have your cake and give it too.


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