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Meat prepared in a variety of ways—salted, pounded, spiced, sun-dried.
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Benefiting from its proximity to South Africa, Botswana has been experiencing an increase in tourism in recent years. Visitors can expect to find a distinctive cuisine that features an array of flavors. Botswana's location near the equator accounts for the large role that fruits and vegetables play in the country's diet. Meat is also a key element and the Botswana people have various ways of preparing lamb, beef, chicken and fresh fish from rivers.

Seswaa is one of the country's most traditional dishes, consisting of pounded beef with salt, served over corn mush. Another popular dish—for more audacious eaters—is serobe, a boiled mixture of spiced tripe, intestines and lungs from a goat, sheep or cow. The people of Botswana are also known for sun-drying strips of meat into jerky, known as biltong, which can be enjoyed as a snack or preserved for use in future meals. Most meals include bogobe as a side dish, a porridge made of sorghum, the main cereal crop of Botswana. People can also add milk and sugar to create a breakfast version of bogobe called logala.

The most popular beverages include bojalwa (sorghum beer), brews made from fruit, gemere (a ginger drink) and milk. —Alexandra Menglide


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