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Communal eating is the way of this nation.
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Depending on the region you are in, whether it’s the arid north or the tropical south, Chadian cuisine is bound to satisfy your senses. Everyone gathers at mealtime and eats out of a large plate while sitting on the floor. The country offers an array of delicious foods similar to those found in neighboring African countries. Fish is common in the north, particularly perch, eel, tilapia and carp. Chadians typically eat fish dried, salted or smoked, paired with okra, one of the country’s most popular vegetables. In addition to fish, Chadians also enjoy mutton, goat and chicken as part of their diet. Millet is considered the Chadian staple food—the ubiquitous grain is often served with sauces and also found in pastes, balls, pancakes, boule (a kind of porridge) and beer.

Along with millet, peanuts play a significant role in the Chadian diet. They are eaten raw or made into peanut butter for flavoring sauces and stews. Peanut and squash stew is a favorite dish. Fruits such as guavas, bananas and mangoes are popular, especially in the south. Customary Chadian beverages include red and green tea, as well as carcaje, a sweet drink made from hibiscus leaves.—Alexandra Menglide


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