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Bucks County Chocolate Show

Chocolate shows its color with vast flavors and pairings.
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Far be it from us to miss a food show just because it’s not in a major city: This past Saturday the Bucks County Chocolate Show in New Hope, Pa., presented award-winning chocolatiers to sample and sell their goods. Versatility played a role at this event, which included pairings with wine, cheese and even vodka.

Brands big and small made an appearance at the show. Valrhona showed off its range of fragrant and subtly flavorful chocolates while Kallari sampled its exclusively Fair Trade chocolate, harvested through its farmer-owned cooperative in the Ecuadorian Amazon. New Jersey-based Barbara’s Butter Crunch gave regional representation with its unique take on toffee, which delivers the rich, familiar flavor with a satisfying—but not tooth-rattling—crunch.

Cabot   Creamery at the Bucks County Chocolate ShowPairings were the recurring theme of the day, as chocolate was joined by other foods touting their complementary tastes. Burlap and Bean Coffee shared just how much coffee and chocolate have in common—from bean to bite (and sip)—offering three coffee types and their most fitting compatriots in cacao (courtesy of Divine Chocolates). Vermont cheesemaker Cabot made a statement with its samples that showed how the odd cheese-and-chocolate coupling can be a perfect match. (One recommendation stuck out in our minds: jalapeño cheddar with dark chocolate). And sometimes the chocolate itself presented a unique pairing: among Taste of Normandys Chevalier D’Argouges chocolate treats were pineapple slices coated in white chocolate. Waiting wisely until the afternoon, Hangar One Vodka and New Zealand’s Bullfrog Chocolates rounded out the event potential of chocolate and flavored vodka.

All in all this unassuming event managed to showcase chocolate in many new, flattering lights, proving there’s plenty of innovation left in the coveted cacao bean. —Eva Meszaros

Eva Meszaros is the associate editor of foodspring.com
 and author of foodspring’s
food for thought blog.


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