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Costa Rica

The country boasts jungles, rainforests, surfing—a food adventure is only to be expected.
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The cuisine of the Central American country Costa Rica uses rice and beans, or gallo pinto, flavored with cilantro and onions for the basis of many dishes. For breakfast, the staple is served with eggs and coffee while casados is a rice-and-bean meal accompanied by pork, chicken or steak and served with cabbage-tomato salad and fried plantains.

Other fare includes tapas like Picadillo de Vainicas—beef and diced string beans—and, for the more adventurous, main dishes such as Mondongo, or beef stomach soup, and higado en salsa, a beef liver salsa.

Desserts include quegue seco, an orange pound cake, and popular beverages include fruit smoothies called refrescos, or frescos for short, aqua dulce, a sugarcane sweetened water, and the national beer, Imperial.—Leska Tomash

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Brie_Shaw37 This really helped out for my traditional Costa Rica Party. Sending thanks to Leska Tomash -Brie Shaw
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