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Day One…The Fancy Food Show

by Amy Green
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The Fancy Food Show is outrageously big.  Two levels, 51 never ending rows, and more food than anyone ever really wants to, or should, eat.  The isles are packed with people, some of which behave like vultures, vying for a bite of this and a piece of that. 

The ‘assignment’ FoodSpring.com gave me was to search out my favorite sweet, savory, and snack/beverage foods then write a post about each category.  Given the size of the show, it would be impossible to give you my favorites for any one category today. 

So, I’m doing this my way.  You’re getting my favorites from my each day at the show.  When I’ve had a chance to peruse the every single booth, I’ll give you lists of my top foods in each category.

I’ve also included links to each products Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s important to support the companies that are making quality, healthier gluten-free foods.  (I’m trying my best to not sound like an infomercial while writing this...)

Bora Bora Organic Foods

bora bora collage

A little bit of heaven.  Seriously.

These gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy free bars are packed with healthier foods like sprouted flax, almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and coconut. Big chunk of nuts and seeds guarantee you’re getting a quality product.  And, gosh, are they good.  In fact they’re so good that I had piece of each – there are 8 in all – and then went back for seconds. 

With flavors that scream ‘healthier’ like Paradise Walnut Pistachio, Exotic Coconut Almond, and Wild Pomegranate Pecan you can’t go wrong.

The Volcanic Chocolate Banana is made with cocoa powder, not chocolate.  No sugar, no dairy.  Just good flavor.  The Tiki Blueberry Flax was also one my top choices, but if I could only eat one it would be the Pacific Mango Macadamia bar.  There’s something indulgent about biting into a whole macadamia nut in an organic food bar.

Where can you find them?  Whole Foods and BoraBoraFoods.com.  Bora Bora is also on Twitter and Facebook.


Beanitos Chips


I’m not a chip eater. They’re usually full of empty calories and leave me wanting more instead of feeling satisfied.  You’ll catch me grabbing for an apple or whipping up a green smoothie but never sitting down with a bag of chips

I’m atypical. Most people love a good, salty chip including my husband.  And, quite often I need chips to take to parties. When I happened across Beanitos, I was intrigued.  I’d like to say it’s because the owner is a Texan like me and they gave me a cool Beanitos tee shirt but that has nothing to do with it.

These healthier, bean based chips don’t taste like health food.  They’re fiber-filled, gluten-free, sugar-free (except the Chipotle BBQ), corn-free, low glycemic chips and they’re darn good. 

They’re flavorful and crispy, not beany at all.  They come in four flavors: 

  • Black Bean (my favorite)
  • Pinto Bean & Flax
  • Black Bean Chipotle BBQ (I didn’t try these because they contain a little sugar)
  • Pinto Bean & Flax Cheddar Cheese

I already know that most of you are wondering if Beanitos produce any ill digestive effects.  Nope.  Let me quite from their FAQ page:

“Using a natural, proprietary methods, Bean Brand Foods has developed a process that eliminates the common side effects some people associate with eating beans or bean based products.”

Find Beanitos at Whole Foods, HEB, Central Market, Newflower Market, Balistreri Sendik’s Market, Amazon.com, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Agave Dream Ice Cream & Sorbets

Agave Dream

Creamy, healthier ice cream.  And I didn’t have to make it myself. 

Using all natural ingredients including milk that’s rBHT free, gluten-free, kosher, and white sugar-free Agave Dream is as good, if not better, than the other premium ice creams out there.  It’s smooth, just rich enough, and full of flavor. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cappuccino, and cinnamon are all delicious.  Yes, I tried them all.  But surprisingly my favorite was the mild tasting Lavender. 

My favorite thing about Agave Dream, aside from the way it melts perfectly on my tongue, is that this product was created out of a need to eat healthier.  Two label reading moms, one of which is sugar sensitive, wanted to give their kids an occasional treat that wasn’t made from milk with hormones and laden with white sugar.  They also had diabetic family members that needed a special diet.  Agave Dream was born. 

This young company is also committed to giving back, sharing products with local food banks and donating a portion of all proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Find Agave Dream in some west coast Whole Foods and Amazon.com, and yes, on Facebook and Twitter


Raw Agave Gelato & Vegan Chocolate Bars by Organic Nectars

Organic Nectars Collgae


You know I love ice cream, so having two ice creams I can eat was a real delight.  It’s also so exciting to see the same types of foods my blogging friends and I whip up in our kitchens actually produced and marketed in main stream stores. 

Raw Agave Gelato is made from cashew cream and lower in calories than I expected from a nut based ice cream.  They’re serving size is 2/5 of a cup, which I couldn’t quite get my head around.  With some basic elementary school math, I figured that it’s between 130 and 188 calories per half cup depending on the flavor.  Not bad for a creamy, rich, tastes-like-dairy-ice-cream.

Choose from Cherry Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Mint Chocolate, Pistachio, and Vanilla.  They’re all free of dairy, gluten, cane sugar, GMOs, lactose, eggs, and soy. 

I haven’t had store bought chocolate in years, and assuming that their six varieties of vegan chocolate bars were made with white sugar I didn’t even think to ask about them.  Not so.  They’re handmade with coconut palm sugar, have a smooth texture, and taste like real chocolate.  85% Cacao was my favorite, but the Golden White Chocolate and dairy-free Nut ‘Milk’ Chocolate were high on my list as well.

It’s not surprising that they won the 2009 Sofi Gold Outstanding Organic Product Award for their Raw Pistachio Agave Gelato. Learn more about Organic Nectars, find tips for tempering chocolate, and buy products on their website, follow them on Twitter, and friend them on Facebook.

More to Come…

I’m off to find (and eat…) more of the best foods so I can share them with you.  Come back tomorrow for more of my top finds at the 2010 Fancy Food Show!

Blogger Bio

Amy Green, a culinary arts student, authors Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free where she shares her passion for making food simple and healthy.  Amy’s food choices have helped her maintain a 60+ pound weight loss and loves to show that others that eating healthier doesn’t equal deprivation.

Website: simplysugarandglutenfree.com

Twitter: twitter.com/Amys_SSGF

Facebook: facebook.com/amys.ssgf




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