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Ex Aqua Vitamins Peach Mango

Quench responsibly--Ex Aqua Vitamins are refreshing water, natural fruit extracts and vitamins--delicious. Refreshing water, natural fruit extracts and vitamins. Contains Fruit Up, a low glycemic ratio (34) of fructose, glucose and sucrose extracted entirely from fruits without using chemicals or additives. Great Tasting Guilt-Free Hydration... You're Welcome.

No high-fructose corn syrup; no artificial colors or sweeteners; no artificial flavors or preservatives.

About the Producer

Ex Drinks, LLC

Henderson, NV

Website: http://www.exdrinks.com

Ex Drinks is a beneficial beverage company specializing in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of a growing family of great-tasting drinks, offering healthier choices to support active lifestyles. Ex Drinks is dedicated to creating positive change while seeking new ways to enhance lives locally and globally. Its mission is "To Create Positive Change," One Ex, One Person, One Community at a Time. The vision of Ex Drinks is to prosper as a mindful company built on quality. Ex Drinks has transformed into an operation to create a new business paradigm based on the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.


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