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Simple But Fancy Finger Foods

Impress your New Year's guests with these easy snacks.
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Cheese and crackers are nice, and so are chips and dip, but why not surprise this year’s guests with a few snazzier snacks you can whip up in just minutes. Try one (or all) of these three easy finger food recipes to ring in 2012 in sweet and savory style. All recipes courtesy of Marcia Barager at the Dalai Planet.


Sweet Potato Finger Food RecipeSweet Potato Saucers 

These toasty, crisp sweet potato patties have a festive and comforting gingery citrus flavor. The sweet-and-savory ingredient combination complements the natural sweet-nuttiness of the tubers. Choose from an array of garnish and sauce options, including sour cream or Greek yogurt with honey & nutmeg, a scatter of sultanas (golden raisins), chopped pecans or simply warmed applesauce. For a sumptuous southern twist, spread with Fischer & Wieser’s Peach Pecan Butter.

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Cream Cheese Brick RecipeSweet & Savory Cream Cheese Brick 

This combo may sound odd, but we guarantee some swooning. Beth’s Farm Kitchen Jams are full-bodied, chunky and thick, freshly fruity and naturally sweet—the perfect counterpoint to the unexpected clean bite of horseradish. We recommend either Gingered Peaches, Neachycot (nectarines, peaches and apricots), Apricot, Fig or Cherrycot (cherries and apricots) from Beth’s Farm Kitchen. Try Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Flavor (organic, vegan and gluten-free) crackers for a nutty, nutritious and neutral platform.

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Seafood Endive Scoops RecipeSeafood Curry Endive Scoops 

These elegant little scoops are neat and delicious. Curry needs a bit of sweet to bring out its best…hence the dash of honey. A splash of mirin (Japanese sweet rice vinegar) can be substituted for the honey; just be sure not to overpower the delicate sweetness of the seafood. As with any kind of mixture containing dairy or mayo, the flavors blend and mature nicely over a few hours, so make the mixture as much as a day ahead, filling the scoops an hour or so before the party.

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