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Honey Toasted Nuts

It's not roasted, it's honey toasted. Less oil, less fat, less saturated fat, less sodium and fewer calories than regular roasted nuts. Our delicious Honey Toasted Nuts are made with nature's own ingredients, simply "nuts and honey." Available in Honey Toasted Cashews, Honey Toasted Sunflower Nuts, and Honey Toasted Nuts.

About the Producer

Sunflower Food and Spice Co.

Riverside, MO

Website: http://www.sunflowerfoodcompany.com/

Sunflower Food Company is the home of sunflower seed and quality gourmet snacks--Sunny Seeds, Fishbowl Party Snacks, Lucky Twist Gourmet Pretzels, Jack'snak and honey toasted nut products. Using the bright, familiar sunflower as inspiration, we have created many outstanding products: Midwest-grown Farmer's Popcorn Cob, Sunflower Seed Cookies, chocolate-covered and candy-coated sunflower nuts we call Sunny Seed Drops, and Sunflower Seed Vinaigrette. At Sunflower Food & Spice Company, quality and market appeal are the foundation of our success. Thanks to our customers, we are like the sunflower: We continue to grow and grow until we can almost reach the sky.


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