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Larry King Brings Brooklyn Bagels to Los Angeles

It's all in the water.
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Larry King has brought a prized piece of Brooklyn to Beverly Hills with the opening of his newest venture: The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. In partnership with The Boca Raton, a Florida-based quick-serve that has proprietary equipment that re-creates Brooklyn water for its bagel recipe, King has brought a favorite part of his New York upbringing to Los Angeles. “I am excited about bringing a taste of my native hometown to Beverly Hills, a city that has become my home,” King said in a statement announcing his new venture.

The key to making authentic bagels is all in the water, so the claim goes. So it makes sense that the 3,700-square-foot restaurant’s focal point is a glass-encased, stainless steel Brooklyn water–processing plant, which will manufacture, bottle and cap Brooklynized-branded water under 24-hour spotlights. Aside from its signature bagel and specialty menu, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. will also offer California-style omelet menu items, such as Matzo Brei with Apple Chutney; Asparagus-Egg White Omelet with Parmesan, Scallion & Pumpkin Seeds; and Avocado with Tomato Salsa, Shredded Cheddar with Sour Cream-Avocado Oil. The shop is also tacking on the menu pizza melts, scooper melts—hollowed-out bagels filled with meat, cheese and veggies—and fresh-cut fries.—Denise Shoukas

Specialty Bagel Toppings and Spreads

To commemorate the expansion of quality Brooklyn-style bagels, check out some of our favorite bagel toppings and accoutrements.

Alaska Smokehouse's Gourmet Salmon Spread

This Gourmet Salmon Spread ($5.95/3.5 ounce; alaskasmokehouse.com) is made of all-natural salmon from the ocean waters of Alaska. Keep it on hand worry-free, as it’s shelf-stable until opened (and will last a few days after). Also try Alaska Smokehouse’s flavored salmon spreads, like Chipotle, Pepper Garlic and Dill or the Lobster Spread, Trout Spread or Crab & Trout Spread.

Belle Chevre's Belle & The Bees Breakfast Cheese

A 2010 sofi Silver Finalist for Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product, Belle & The Bees Breakfast Cheese ($11.05/8 ounce.; bellechevre.com) blends Tupelo Honey with chevre for a delicious, versatile and healthful alternative to cream cheese. Not only great on bagels, you can make inspired dinner entrees using it as a pairing for roasted lamb.

Southcoast Farms Organic Artisan Cream Cheese

Your favorite bagel deserves a quality spread, so bring home specialty artisan cream cheese. Southcoast Farms Organic Artisan Cream Cheese ($25.95/2-pound tub; sidwainer.com) has an incredibly fresh, sweet cream flavor with a taste reminiscent of crème fraiche. The curd is delicately drained in Muslim cloth, creating a fluffy, spreadable texture.

Wildly Delicious Petite Maison Fig & Pear with Orange Fruit Compote

This award-winning condiment adds a sweet foil to tart cream cheese on your bagel. Fig & Pear with Orange Compote ($7.50/8.4 ounce; wildlydelicious.com) is made with Mission figs and Bartlett pears cooked slowly with sweet oranges into a thick-bodied compote. Other compote flavors include Blackcurrant & Shallot, Tart Cherry & Almond and Pear & Ginger with Roasted Hazelnuts.

Denise Shoukas is a regular foodspring.com contributor
and is the author of foodspring’s food forager blog.


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