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Soups make up a great deal of this traditional fare.
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Liberia's diverse food is a treat for anyone traveling along the west coast of Africa. As one of the few African countries with a non-colonial past, Liberia's unique history is reflected in its cuisine. Cassava and rice are the staple foods, used for dishes such as fufu (mashed cassava) and as a base for flavorful sauces. One of the most notable features of Liberian fare is the prolific hot pepper that adds a kick to almost every dish you will encounter.

The Liberian diet boasts a wide variety of soups—cassava leaf soup, chicken peanut soup and goat soup, to name a few. Okra, string beans, fried plantains, fish and meat are common ingredients used in soups. Eggplant stew is also a popular delicacy. For snacking, Liberians delight in kanya, a traditional snack made from rice, sugar and peanuts.

Dessert can be as simple as chai tea and fruit, or as delectable as stewed mango with cloves. No meal is complete without some palm wine, ginger beer or—for those who can handle it—cane juice, which can have an alcohol content of 80 percent.—Alexandra Menglide



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