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Delicious food with hints of Polish, German and Scandinavian influences.
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Lithuanian food is simple, reminiscent of Polish, German and Scandinavian cuisines. Potatoes, smoked fish, meat and soups are typical dishes. The famous beet soup is served hot with sour cream and chopped mushrooms, or cold with vegetables, sour cream and boiled eggs or potatoes. Cepelinai are big grated potato dumplings filled with meat or cheese. Pork meat, fried, salted, smoked or grilled, is common and potatoes are ubiquitous, with items like kugelis (a potato pudding), or potato sausage stuffed with pork intestine found on most menus.

Lithuanian desserts are small baked cakes, ice cream, jelly donuts and layer cakes or fried pastries. Other well-known desserts are the baroque tree cake known as Sakotis or torte Napoleon, introduced during Napoleon's passage through Lithuania in the 19th century. Among drinks, beer is certainly the favorite, as is herbal vodka, with the most famous called 999 and made with 27 herbs.
Denise Shoukas


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