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Monsoon Medley®

This is a truly one-of-a-kind coffee that's quite unlike coffee from any other producing country. The coffee's bean size, color, roast and cup characteristics are the result of the post-harvest processing it undergoes in India, where it is exposed to monsoon winds in an open-walled warehouse for 12 to 16 weeks. During the processing, the coffee loses nearly all of its acidity, making it the lowest-acid coffee in the world. To produce Monsoon Medley®, we roast Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade green coffees.

About the Producer

Josuma Coffee Company

Menlo Park, CA

Website: http://www.josuma.com/

Josuma offers three fresh roasted whole bean coffees, which we sell primarily to high-end coffee bars. Our flagship coffee is Malabar Gold Premium European Espresso, a blend of several coffees designed to produce an outstanding Northern Italian-style espresso. A shot of Malabar Gold will be sweet and smooth with little bitterness or acidity. Our second coffee, Monsoon Medley, is roasted using the mellow, low-acid Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade beans. Our third roasted coffee is Mysore Mystic, a medium-acid, medium-bodied, aromatic coffee produced from single-estate Plantation-A beans. Josuma imports all of its coffees through Direct Trade relationships with plantations in India.


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