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Nasty Jack's "Premium Gold" Licorice Crunch

Nasty Jack's "Premium Gold" Licorice Crunch is made using all the same ingredients of the Chateau D' Lanz Swiss Licorice. It's all natural, gluten-free, low sugar and made with real licorice. During the Chateau D' Lanz manufacturing process, the ingredients are stirred at a high rate, introducing air bubbles to the mix. These bubbles eventually rise to the surface, coated with liquid Chateau D' Lanz Swiss Licorice. We pour these bubbles into heart-shaped molds, bake them and the result is a puffed, crunchy version of our licorice.

About the Producer

Chateau D 'Lanz Swiss Licorice

Arlington, WA

Website: http://www.chateaudlanz.com

Chateau D'Lanz Swiss Licorice is an all natural, gluten-free, handmade candy. Made in the USA by a small, family-owned company. Chateau D'Lanz is one of the only candies in the U.S. made with gum arabic. It is both a hard and a chew candy. Firm yet chewy. Chateau D'Lanz has been compared to the European Winegums, which are a firm, yet chewy sweet similar to gumdrops. (Modern Winegums do not contain wine.) For maximum flavor release, we suggest letting it dissolve in your mouth. "Suck, don't chew!"


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