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Organic Tomato Vodka

The best bloody marys, made without a mix.
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Did you ever stumble across something by accident and have it become your next favorite thing that you just can’t stop talking about? Well, that was my experience with Crop Organic Tomato Vodka. I met my new love thanks to a delayed flight and some time spent in the Swiss Air Lounge at JFK Airport.

Made from American USDA-certified organic grain that is grown in fertile, healthy soil, free of artificial fertilizers pesticides and chemicals, Crop is distilled without carbon treatment or charcoal filtering. It is bottled in Minnesota. Each batch of Crop Vodka, launched by Chatham Imports, Inc., a distributor of unique ultra-premium brands of wine and spirits such as Italian grappa and Chinese baijiu, is distilled only the exact number of times necessary to remove specific impurities. The concentrated essence of real tomatoes—which is distilled with the vodka and does not come from artificial flavor molecules made in a factory—permeates the air as soon as the bottle is opened. Kind of like the best bloody Mary you ever had, without the mix!

Crop can be purchased in most large liquor stores in major metropolitan areas and retails for approximately $30 per 75ml bottle. You can also visit cropvodka.com to see if your favorite restaurant is pouring Crop cocktails or for suggestions on how to make your own. And if you don’t like tomatoes, Crop also makes an organic cucumber as well as Crop Artisanal. –Nicole Denis

Nicole Denis is a regular foodspring.com contributor and is the author of foodspring’s foodie-mom blog.


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