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Sallie’s Greatest Jams Strawberry + Basil Jam

Fruit-and-herb combinations have become a go-to in the world of gourmet sweets. Sallie’s Greatest Jams demonstrate just how wonderful these marriages can be. Her signature flavor, Strawberry + Basil is made from real, fresh strawberries and fresh basil. Not just for bread (though try this delectable PB&J recipe), this jam is great topping an ice cream float, swirled into plain yogurt, turned into a fruity vinaigrette—and this mojito recipe is not to be missed. Want more (or strawberry isn’t your thing)? Check out Sallie’s seven other flavors, including Blueberry + Lime, Peach + Mint and Lemon Fig + Basil. —Nicole Potenza Denis

About the Producer

Sallie's Greatest

Cameron, SC

Website: http://salliesgreatest.com

Sallie’s Greatest Herbal Fruit Jams was founded on the idea of working with the freshest produce possible – straight from the field to the jar. Gardening and canning is the way of life in Sallie Dent Porth’s small South Carolina farming community. Sallie’s Greatest Jams are made with just the right amount of natural sugar that is necessary for the preservation, desired consistency and safety in jam making. Sustainability, support of the local farmer and a sense of community are what this line of herbal-infused jams is about.


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