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South Africa

A gastronomic hub.
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South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and its cuisine boasts that same eclecticism. The food is a blend of European, Asian and African culinary traditions, resulting in a unique experience for anyone who travels to this gastronomic hub.

Many traditional dishes reflect the different cultures that have passed through South Africa. Bobotie, one of the national specialties, resembles shepherd’s pie with an Indian twist: minced meat pie topped with custard, and seasoned with onion, curry and fruit chutney. African cuisines are generally known for their rich and spicy stews, which in South Africa are called bredie and usually served with vegetables and chili peppers. Sosaties, also popular, are pork or lamb kebabs marinated in curry.

The braai (barbecue) plays an important role in South African cuisine, as it does in other parts of the continent. Braai can be everything from beef and lamb to crocodile and ostrich, often accompanied by mealie pap (maize porridge). The country's coastal location means fresh seafood is abundant and the fish dishes are undoubtedly some of the best offered in Africa. Common snacks enjoyed by South Africans include biltong (beef jerky) and curry-filled bread.

When it comes to wine, South Africa—especially the Western Cape—has a reputation for producing some of the finest in the world. Beer is also widely consumed, as are natural juices made from various fruits such as tangerines and passion fruit.

Alexandra Menglide


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