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Soyummi Dark Chocolate Pudding

Soyummi Dark Chocolate Pudding might taste sinfully delicious. But look at the ingredients, and you’ll realize this rich pudding only seems like a guilty pleasure. From the organic soy base and the burst of non-GMO beet syrup to our natural prebiotic and the other vegan and gluten free ingredients, each element is carefully selected to balance great taste with health benefits. Enjoy it with your friends and family or keep it all for yourself. Either way, you’ll be the only one who knows it’s entirely guilt-free.

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About the Producer

Soyummi Foods, Inc.

Montreal, QC

Website: http://www.soyummifoods.com/

Started by a mother who would stop at nothing to craft naturally wholesome and worry-free snacks for her lactose-intolerant child, Soyummi Foods is an innovator in creating healthy foods. Soyummi is committed to producing fresh food that not only protects the natural balance of our ingredients’ vitamins and minerals, but also that you can trust to be made with organic ingredients, a source of fiber, and free of dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and cholesterol. Look for our delicious soy-based puddings, coconut milk smoothies and forthcoming whole grain cereals in the dairy section.


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