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Terrapin Ridge Farms Pickle & Onion Burger Topper

No more need for the messy garnish of onions and pickles for your burger. This topper has all the flavors you love packed into a smooth, flavorful sauce. The sweet concoction mixes mayo, ketchup and mustard with crisp, sweet pickle and crunchy, diced onions. If you like your burgers with more zing, try the Hot Pickled Pepper Topper, made with three types of hot peppers: banana, chipotle and jalapeño. While both sauces go great on burgers and sandwiches, they can also double as dressings for pasta or potato salad and as dips for finger foods, like onion rings or chicken fingers.—Nicole Potenza Denis

About the Producer

Terrapin Ridge

Clearwater, FL

Website: http://www.terrapinridge.com

At Terrapin Ridge Farms, owners Brian Coughlin and Mary O'Donnell have coupled their longstanding friendship with a desire to produce delicious, gourmet products using the finest ingredients available worldwide. Terrapin Ridge Farms continues to produce the orignial award-winning products for which they are known. Moreover, they are thrilled to have the original company co-founder Susan Furst as part of their product development team. Her creativity and innovative ideas will help to create many new favorites.


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