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For the adventurous, fried grasshoppers and white ants.
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The landlocked East African country of Uganda is bordered by Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. Fish makes up a large part of the Ugandan cuisine and are served fresh, smoked or salted and dried. Staples include ugali (maize or millet meal), cassava, yam, plantains, chapati and a variety of leafy greens. These ingredients can be combined with goat, fish, vegetables and seasonings to create many dishes. Matooke is a traditional dish consisting of plantains in a peanut sauce with fresh meat and/or tripe. Indian samosas are common in Uganda. For the unwary, try delicately fried nsenene (grasshoppers) and nswaa (white ant).

Pombe and Waragi are general terms for fermented banana wine and distilled spirits, respectively. Spiced chai is also common. Fresh fruit, such as pineapples and mangoes, are the typical dessert. Sesame-honey candies are also popular.—Leska Tomash


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