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Unbound Pickling Southwestern Spice Pickled Okra

Not bound by traditional flavors, Unbound Pickling in Portland, Ore., is determined to make the masses rethink okra. Flavored with cumin, lime, cocoa and chipotle, these whole-pod pickled veggies have a satisfying crunch with a slight southwestern kick. (No need to worry about slimy okra!) The layering of flavors gives this treat its unique character. Chop up and add to a fajita or a bowl of chili con carne or even in (or in place of) traditional tomato salsa. This spicy, pickled okra also makes a great accompaniment to a bloody mary. —Nicole Denis

About the Producer

Unbound Pickling

Portland, OR

Website: http://www.unboundpickling.com/

Small-batch pickles Made in Oregon. Vegetables and herbs are locally sourced with direct relationships with the farmers to help ensure we obtain peak freshness and high quality. A few of our all natural flavor offerings include: Balsamic Rosemary Walla Walla Sweet Onions, Pomegranate Chai Spice Beets, and a Hickory Smoke Dill Pickle.


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