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Wild Forest Dried Wild Mushrooms

Dried Morel, Porcini, Lobster, Chanterelle, Black Trumpets, Mousseron, and Candy Cap Mushrooms--our dried wild mushrooms are the finest sold in American. All but the mousseron originates in the American West and are harvested sustainably by the same mushroom family that has worked together for many years. These are the same mushrooms that were once available only to the finest chefs in America.

About the Producer

Wine Forest Ltd.

Napa, CA

Website: http://wineforest.com

Since 1981, Wine Forest has been the leading quality purveyor of wild mushrooms and other wild foods. Wine Forest's line of dried wild mushrooms, wild spices, wild rubs and wild preserves are sustainably harvested and stand as the state of the art in wild foods. Our beautifully packaged products have inspired and delighted Michelin starred chefs like Thomas Keller, Michael Mina, Traci de Jardins, Michael Chiarello, Nancy Oakes and a host of others for 30 years. Now Wine Forest's spectacular wild mushrooms and foods are available for the discerning American home cook.


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