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XL Energy Shot

XL Energy introduces an innovative product--XL Energy Shot 60-ml bottle. XL Energy Shot is a non-carbonated, concentrated version of XL Energy Drink--a perfect solution for those who seek the maximum of energy in the fastest, most convenient form. The product does not require chilling and its small, convenient packaging allows to gain extra energy at any place and time.

About the Producer

XL Energy Drink Corp.

New York, NY

Website: http://www.xl-energy.com/

XL Energy Drink, marketed as a lifestyle drink and not the typical extreme sports magnate, provides an energy boost and has been well received by consumers gaining popularity throughout the U.S. XL’s marketing program, which consists of promotions and activations at events, nightclubs and parties revolving around the day and night pace of each sales region, is documented at www.xl4you.us running parallel to the XL Youtube and XL Facebook page. XL Energy is offering three flavors, cranberry, sugar-free and regular, and has a Lime&Lemon on the way. In terms of sponsorship, XL should be in-line with fashion, fun and entertainment.


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