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Yuzu Syrup

Yuzu is a popular citrus in Japan, an earthy, richly perfumed fruit in a class of its own. Full of seeds and with little juice, its strength is in its heady peel. There is at present little supply and an enormous demand here, but I was able, by guaranteeing to purchase a grower’s entire crop and picking them myself--very sharp thorns--to get a better price. Blended with a bit of Meyer lemon and white grapefruit juice. Use in cocktails, on fruit, in yogurt, tea or marinades.

About the Producer

Robert Lambert

San Rafael, CA

Website: http://www.robertlambert.com

Specialty foods and innovative combinations with the aim of being art and bringing something extra special to all culinary experiences. As heralded by The Wall Street Journal, Fine Cooking, Town & Country, New York Magazine, Food & Wine and Bon Appetit, Robert Lambert stands out among producers of artisan condiments for unusual, intense, well-balanced flavors across a wide range of products. In his own words: "Whether I take a crop from tree to jar or rely on growers I know and trust, it is my mission to preserve the rare and exotic and enhance your life with pure flavor pleasure."


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