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Marketplace: Crackers


Crackers are the ultimate specialty snack. They pair well with practically everything—from cheese and cured meats to dips and preserves—and they are also enjoyable on their own. The gourmet crackers featured in the foodspring Marketplace are made with great care and quality ingredients. Specialty producers have responded to changing diets and lifestyles, and you’ll find this reflected in this specialty selection, including gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, all natural and certified organic. Food adventurers will be particularly pleased to discover the breadth of flavor profiles: savory, spicy, sweet, nutty, cheesy—the list goes on. The foodspring Marketplace highlights award-winning crackers that have been recognized by the industry for their innovation, wholesome qualities and functional ingredients. Check out this selection of specialty crackers to find your next go-to snack.

34 Degrees Cracked Pepper Crisps

34 Degrees Cracked Pepper Crisps

34 Degrees

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